Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, Inc.

3939 Benning Road NE

Washington, DC 20019



Helping to grow Ward 7 into the District of Columbia's most welcoming,
prospering, livable community for everyone. 

Willis P. Greene Manor

Supportive housing/SRO

​4425 Nannie Helen Burroughs avenue, ne

​Washington, dc 20019


Phone: 202-397-7886

Fax: 202-397-8980

Service Providers Located at MHCDO

Building Resources in Communities

(202) 388-3001
(Ward 7 and 8 Prevention Center)

Promote healthy children, youth, and families;

support community  capacity building; reduce the

risk of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

University Legal Services
(202) 650-5631
Housing Counseling Services (HPAP / REHAB / Mortgage Default)

Summit Health Institute for Research and Education, Inc. 

(202) 650-5668

Health Research and Education

Watkins Security Agency of DC
(202) 581-2871
Professional Security Services

East River Family Strengthening Collaborative


Family Rehousing Stabilization Program/TANF

Youth & Family Services DYRS (Committed and Post Committed)

Ward 7 Arts  Collaborative
(202) 650-5607
Art Advocacy/Art Education/Showcasing/Youth Development/Capacity Building

Preparedness Initiative/Urban Preparedness


Assessment & Evaluation, Training and Education, Capacity Building, Research, and Emergency Preparedness Products

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Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, Inc.


3939 Benning Road NE

Washington, DC 20019


Phone: 202-396-1200

Fax: 202-396-4106