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Welcome to Marshall Heights

Community Development Organization, Inc.


The Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, Inc. (MHCDO) is a nonprofit community-based organization that has undertaken community development activities in the Ward 7 area of Washington, DC since 1979.  MHCDO's mission is to help grow Ward 7 into the District of Columbia's most welcoming, prospering, livable community for everyone.


Also serving Maryland and Virginia.



MHCDO provides services designed to expand economic opportunities, increase self-sufficiency, and improve the quality of life for individuals and families.

Services include:

·       Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling

       - Mortgage Default/Foreclosure Counseling

       - Predatory Lending Counseling

       - "Making Home Affordable"
       - Inclusionary Zoning Housing Lottery Program

·       Homebuyer Education Program

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       - Pre and Post Purchase/Homeownership Counseling
       - Credit Counseling
·       Emergency Services

       - Food Referrals

·       Supportive Housing
       - Affordable Housing
       - Case Management

      - CAFB Brown Bag Program
·       Small Business Service


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